Mistral AI Breaks Seed Funding Record with €105M

💥 The freshly established, Paris-based startup, Mistral AI, led by ex-Google DeepMind and Meta talent, has bagged an astonishing €105 million seed funding, marking Europe’s largest-ever seed round.

👀 Primarily yet to reveal its first product, Mistral AI aims to revolutionize the AI sector with a planned large language model (LLM), akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, scheduled for an early 2024 launch. With a pledge to “make AI useful,” the company targets enhancing enterprise processes around R&D, customer service, and marketing.

To delve deeper into this groundbreaking funding round, the vision of CEO Arthur Mensch, and the powerhouse team’s ambitious plans, don’t miss out on visiting the full article through the link below. 💬

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