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yes: innovation is important for survival.
yes:corporates are dying dime a dozen.
yes: startups are the new hope to avoid unemployment clashes.
yes: every country needs to be a startup nation. BLA BLA BLA.

We hear these and countless other empty words in every McKinsey Report. What we believe we do not hear enough is HOW and WHY ? Every country has tried its luck in building a Silicon Valley because that’s HOW the white man in Silicon Valley has done. We believe this is a recipe for disaster. A program without cultural relevance, a structure without international know-how, a fund without a flexible mandate and innovative solutions based on local realities will always fail. At YellowX, we work to understand the cultural relevance, the structural challenges and funding ecosystems to build and operate programs.



WHY? Because we have been raised and were challenged to m ake differences in ambitious organizations. We represent the readers, thinkers, doers in our regions. We represent the diversity a program needs in delivering relevant and high performing programs. We have built programs with know how of the best of the best institutions but we localized our know ledge through the lens of the regions we are operating and we only work with people with international experiences. This is not your typical team. We are not consultants. Unless we go all in with all aspects of the programs we do not offer you solutions because we CARE. We CARE about the startups today as well as their future. We CARE about our partners success and KPI’s as well as their transformational capacity in countries they operate.


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YellowX is the leading Innovation Program Advisory firm helping large multinationals & local companies build regional & global startup engagement programs.


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YellowX has trained the most number of technology & impact startups in the region over the past 5 years.

Silicon Valley

We made our mark in the Desert first and then took the sand and move to Silicon Valley.


One key component of our expertise is always driven via Human Centered Design Thinking.

Success Stories

Sensgreen provides energy and time saving solutions for commercial real estates. After participating to programs operated by YellowX partners in Silicon Valley, they built their growth model and were nominated to Tech Stars Accelerator by YellowX, which they were selected and graduated from in 2019


After graduating from UC Berkeley IAG Accelerator program designed and operated by YellowX Partners, BlokZ was accepted to Skydeck and moved their business model to great heights building a cutting edge blockchain technology in the Energy sector for high performance and reliable reporting tools.


After receiving brutally honest feedback on his pitch from Ozan in a startup competition, Tarkanchanged his perspective, took the points to heart and made drastic changes, again with the help of Ozan. His next moves brought him to Silicon Valley where he fundraised from Justin Kan and YellowX. The rest is history with a double digit growing last mile delivery on motorbikes company.


Sometime after meeting Ozan in a mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, Irmak and Dogan, founders with YC and Alchemist Experience invited Ozan to their angel round. Since than their family grew as well as their business as the most reliable SMS Marketing Reporting and Automation tool in US.

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