New Ventures Accelerator

Ozan built the first cohort of NewVentures Accelerator with 20+ Idea Stage Startup in 110 days. Startups that graduated were recognized by international competitions like Intel Challenge.


After NewVentures Ozan built Hikma, the first Research based Startup Accelerator for teams that have strong Intellectual Property Portfolio for KAUST. Significant number of startups are still operational & raised +3mm$ of followon funding.


The last program Ozan built was the Impact Accelerator for HRDF named as 9/10ths that focused on Employability & Value Added Employment Creation. Startups in this batch were recognized as Top Saudi Startups in conferences like Step in Dubai & most of them are still operational and created +100 employments and received mm$ funding rounds to scale their products.

YellowX has been working as pre-accelerator and competition training program designers of MIT Enterprise forum since 2015. In the last 5 years, we have travelled around Middle East finding, helping, nurturing, grilling, crying and celebrating with the best of the best of the Arab World. Almost after 5 years and more than 1,000 startups trained, we are still passionate to see the change in the eyes of the founders and our partners.

YellowX experience does not only cover focused programs on high-growth tech startups but also on economic & social impact. A beautiful example is our collaboration with BloomMasters Competition in Tunusia where we designed programs for social & environmental impact startups for the past 3 years. Ranging from eco-tourism to bottom of the pyramid health & insurance startups, we have helped hundreds of teams and proud to provide a long lasting social impact with our expertise & time.

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