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Since 2012 we had been building bridges with global players in the early stage investing ecosystem and preparing our startups for scale through partnerships and investments from reputable partners. If you want us to provide you with investment ready deals on various verticals let us know

Neurocess was a brilliant team working in a new technology on Sports Tech. They joined one of our programs, we prepared and adviced them to get into Hax and they did.

When Sensgreen graduated from our Silicon Valley Program, they were looking for a relevant Accelerator that would not only invest in them financially but also help them build a sales funnel. Through our referral they got in and graduated with Techstars in Abudabi

Riham was already a 500 Startups Graduate but needed a push into the market with stronger finances via raising a Series A Round. We guided a great founder to an equally great investor that led their round

In order for Naturansa to pivot to selling edible insect based protein to humans they needed a strong brand and a crazy venture group focused on young and Sci-Fi Level startups. Their new brand Fu-Fu is led by Draper University Ventures after our engagement with the founding team

When Gabrielle was joining the SmbX team they needed a strong partner with expertise and brand name in the Valley. Our introduction to Skydeck bear fruit and they started building the next generation of financing tool for SME’s in US.

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