Membrion Receives 7 Million Investments

🧲Membrion, a US-based wastewater treatment startup, received an investment of 7 million dollars. The investment round was led by PureTerra Ventures, with participation from Safar Partners, GiantLeap Capital, Freeflow, and existing investors.

💧Membrion purifies water containing lead, mercury, arsenic, copper, and other heavy metals with the help of ceramic membranes. The company currently has 24 employees, and its potential customers include US-based Fortune 100 companies in the automotive, food and beverage, oil, and gas industries.

The founder and CEO of the company, Greg Newbloom, stated in his statement that on-site water treatment is more economically advantageous to companies. 🌟

You can find details about Membrion and its investment process via the link below.

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