Jetson Soars with a $15M Seed Round for Personal eVTOL Aviation

✈️ Pioneering the skies, Jetson ONE, a unique lightweight eVTOL, has secured a robust $15 million Seed round. This commercial eVTOL is designed for short flights and does not require a pilot’s license.

🔥 Born in Sweden in 2017, Jetson’s venture is more than just a product. Their Tuscany base includes an R&D hub, an airstrip, and a dedicated customer center. With over 300 units already sold, and a YouTube viewership of 48 million, the brand’s horizon looks promising.

For a deep dive into Jetson’s vision, their expansion strategies, and insights from investor Rikard Steiber and tech entrepreneur and famous rapper, click on the link below. 💬

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