Japanese Startup Innophys Aims to Expand Abroad

🛫 Japanese startup Innophys, which has developed the Muscle Suit product, which provides support to people while lifting weights in many different sectors involving weight-lifting processes such as Agriculture, Logistics, Manufacturing, and protects their body health, aims to expand abroad with its wearable exoskeleton product.

With its Muscle Suit product, Innophys has achieved a 70% market share in the domestic market since its establishment in 2013 by Hiroshi Kobayashi, Professor at Tokyo Science University. It also currently has sales agents in 17 countries. 📈

Is it probable that Innophy’s plans to grow internationally will be a success? Where and in which sectors will it be most popular? You can get the specifics of the news by clicking the link below to provide an estimate for these questions. 🧐

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