Hipporello Secures $1.8M Seed Funding for Trello Power-Ups

🌱 No-code app platform Hipporello recently raised $1.8M in seed funding, led by ScaleX, Atlassian Ventures, TTGV1 Co-Investment Fund, and Değerhan Usluel, totaling its investments at $2.55M.

🚀 With plans to invest in marketing and sales, Hipporello aims to strengthen its market position, providing innovative Trello Power-Ups for SMBs to manage various processes and streamline business operations.

🌐 Hipporello is currently used in 105 countries, predominantly in the US, and envisions a future where Trello users become citizen developers. Its no-code platform allows for the creation of custom digital journeys, enhancing efficiency and productivity for businesses.

Discover more about Hipporello’s future plans and their impact on the business process management market by clicking the link below. 💬

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