We have trained hundreds of potential Angel Investors in the Far East, Middle East and Eurasia over the years. One thing we always heard was the lack of communication and continuous learning environment in their local ecosystems. Once our training ended, most of these participants didn’t collaborate with each other and improved their skills by observing peers because it required a structure and time dedication. We finally decided to put these individuals together by using a mix of collaboration & communication oriented platforms. We care about the development of strong Angel Investors, who in return will seed the startups and help build flourishing ecosystems themselves. Now is the time.



Whether you are a full time professional or a retired C Level Executive, you always need to stay up-to-date with the latest deals, news and events in industries and verticals you care about. Being an angel investor requires having benchmarks and we will provide you with access to different verticals and critical information that you would have missed otherwise.


We will be providing you with a number of free and paid training throughout the year. These webinars organized at regular intervals will dig deeper on investing and improve your skills as an Angel Investor.


You will have access to the latest industry reports, e-books and research papers as well as investment cases throughout the year. By having this access at your fingertips, you will be able to keep yourself updated and needn’t worry about losing your edge on conversations


Members have significantly discounted access to our Events and Social Activities. We will create both physical and virtual opportunities for members to mingle and enjoy their virtual sets or cold drinks. The increased interaction will build more motivation and opportunities of collaboration.



My first couple investments failed already but I didn’t give up. By providing mentorship and guidance first I found new startups that allowed me into their journeys and I kept on learning. I feel rewarded already with the founders’ stories of growth and success. The financial benefits will start coming I’m sure but the journey is the real reward for a lifelong learner like me.

Ozan Sonmez

Middle East is not on the fringes of tech startups anymore and each day we are seeing the benefits of believing in startups as Angels. It’s been a joy to watch my personal investment portfolio of early stage ideas presented by a bunch of crazy founders to revenue generating businesses with improving leaders; I’m happy to share my experience and knowledge with Angel Club.

Amal Dokhan

Developing an Ecosystem takes time and building camaraderie through trust is critical. Angel Club is willing to facilitate opportunities for new Angel Investors to benefit from. I’d be happy contribute to this effort with my decades of experience in Silicon Valley

Mark Searle


Who can join the Angel Club?

We are open to all ages and professions to come and join the conversation actively, or passively improve their knowhow with the access we provide to them. We won’t require any submissions of documentations, proof of income or anything else.

Do I need to know anything specific about angel investing before joining?

You could be a well seasoned Angel or a new entry to this exciting investment domain and there will be something for everyone here. We are promoting communication, collaboration and camaraderie to our members regardless of their current skillset or knowledge.

Can I cancel my Angel Club Membership at any time?

Yes. But as we don’t charge monthly fee’s and don’t limit your access to previous documentation as well as channels, a fee of at least 25% of your paid annual fee, will be charged to cancelled memberships. You will loose access to the groups and content immediately once you cancel your membership.

Does Angel Club Make investments as a group?

We are not providing a separate legal entity to the Angel Club. Everything will be operated under our existing company structure as a separate unit of operations. We do not take investment decisions neither advice people for or against investing in certain opportunities. We merely serve as a curated information platform that the Angels should utilize with their best intentions and awareness. Nothing shared in the platforms constitutes investment advice but merely information that is critical for potential investors to catch and evaluate by themselves. We don’t have an intention to create syndications ourselves, however we encourage potential Angels to understand the benefits of building these relationships and structures.


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